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Flexible light Belt
LED Flexible Light Belt
LED Flexible Light Belt

Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to provide customers with LED flexible light ribbon manufacturers, suppliers, direct sales, which home good, price, engineering, wholesale, products are sold to Guangdong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, Zhejiang and other regions.

LED Flexible Light BeltCommon cause when not lit

LED flexible light belt after a lot of testing and check, there will be no bright phenomenon. The reasons are as follows:

1, LED flexible ribbon packaging protection is not perfect, resulting in the transport process in the light bead was hit and damaged.

2, LED flexible lamp belt welding Point has the phenomenon of virtual welding, transport in the process of vibration caused by the welding point off and led to light.

3, LED flexible light with a small number of solder, solder point easy to fall off

4, LED flexible lamp with solder quality is not good, LED flexible light ribbon in the bending process of solder joints easily produce brittle crack, shedding phenomenon

5, LED flexible lamp with the installation of bending angle is too large, resulting in led flexible light solder points and copper foil separation and led to not bright

6, LED flexible lamp with the installation of excessive extrusion products, LED flexible lamp with chip damage or solder point deformation off and not bright

7, led flexible circuit board resistance welding layer is too thick, soldering solder and PCB can not be fully fused together, but also a phenomenon of virtual welding.

8, LED flexible lights in the installation can not be distorted, if the distortion will lead to the LED flexible ribbon welding point off and led to not light.

Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. main business:LED High power washer wall lampLED Wall Washer Lamp, LED flexible light belt, etc., if you need please contact us! We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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