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3 tips for selecting LED wall washer Lights
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-13

LED Wall Washer LampAlso called led line-type cast light,
Mainly used for commercial street lighting, community lighting, the hotel's exterior wall lighting ...
Because LED wash wall lamp has the environmental protection energy saving, the lamplight effect is gorgeous, the electricity consumption is low,
Long life lamp and other characteristics,
So in 2013, the other light source of the wall washing lamp gradually replaced by LED wash wall.
The following small series of finishing a few led washing wall lamp purchase tips:
1. Protection Grade
This is also an important factor in choosing LED wall washer lamps.
In the choice of time to make strict requirements,
LED wash wall lamps are used outdoors,
It is best to require the waterproof grade to be above IP65 protection level.
Also requires the relevant pressure, impact and other protection requirements,
To ensure that the lighting in the wind and rain and other conditions of its waterproof and dustproof ability no problem.
2. Control mode
LED Wash Wall lamp currently has two kinds of control methods:
Both internal control and external control.
Internal control means no external controller,
The design staff designed the control system in the wall lamp,
The degree of effect can not be changed. External control is an external controller,
The effect can be changed by adjusting the keys of the master control.
Usually on large projects,
Customer requirements can change their effect,
We all use the foreign control scheme.
There are also a lot of wall wash directly support DMX512 control system.
3,LED Light BeltLight
For lighting to achieve the desired effect,
In the selection of light source need to pay attention to different lamp beads used in different design,
And the effect of heat dissipation is also different, the light effect of course is not the same,
Can not be used to save the cost of some low grade, low brightness of the lamp bead to sucks,
The brightness of an LED wash wall lamp is completely dependent on the light source.
Ten years of grinding a sword, with our hundred percent of input to do a good job in each product.
Progress every day 1% is our constant pursuit of results, good products, will speak,
With High-quality products to win the trust of customers.
With personality and trust to win every customer's expectations,
LED wash wall lights outdoor lighting lamps lit every city!