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LED wash wall Lights let the building outside the wall out of a "light sea"
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-14

It has been one of the customs of our country since ancient times, and now, with the continuous development of urbanization, high-rise buildings all over the world have sprung up and diversified in form. During the day the city's buildings hit people's sights, but the city's nights wereLED Wall Washer LampThe lighting of the landscape has become more beautiful, far from looking at, those buildings outside the wall has opened a piece of the sea, so there have been "night Shanghai" such a night city.
However, in the lighting project, the building and LED lighting into one, to bring people lights bright night. Phototropism has always been human nature, from drilling wood to get fire, light and human life will not be divided, and the modern lighting project and building outside the wall, and so on, and play more for our convenience role:

First, the landscape lighting of buildings is an important landscape of the city. In the night, symbolizing a city's prosperity and image. The addition of the top of the building or the very iconic light source will become the most useful guide signs for pedestrians at night.

Secondly, no matter what kind of building, despite the height of the day, but at night will be swallowed by the night, can not reflect its value. However, if the LED wall wash lamp, led point Light source, led line lights, such as a series of lighting systems and construction of the external walls of the integration, will make the building atmosphere, noble shape in the night also to continue, let it take off the day's quiet, and change the lively atmosphere of colorful, for the city also for the building itself brought different vitality.

Finally, the lighting in addition to lighting, but also can render the atmosphere. Let people through different lighting atmosphere to feel different life mood. It can be imagined that different seasons, different time periods, the people need the atmosphere is also different, whether it is the holiday festive lights, or the quiet night of glory, we can through the light color adjustment, to achieve the atmosphere we need.

In the lighting of the building, "line" light source is the main clue through the building, mainly appear in the outline of the outline of the building, such as the curtain wall beams, pillars, or gable corner positions, mainly led washing wall lights, line lights and other linear lamps to complete. Therefore, it is necessary to lighten the exterior wall.