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Analysis of the technical principle of LED wall washer lamp
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-14

RecentlyLED Wall Washer Lamphas been widely used in a variety of places, such as the corporate building of the wall lighting, government buildings, lighting, historical buildings, such as the wall lighting, entertainment and so on, the scope of the more extensive.

The basic parameters of high power LED wall washer

LED wash wall lamp and guardrail tube has a lot of the same point, let us Foshan Viric Technology Co., Ltd. LED wash wall lamp as an example to introduce its parameters:

1. Voltage

LED wash wall lamp voltage can be subdivided into: 220v,110v,36v,24v,12v, several, so we choose the power when the corresponding voltage.

2. Operating temperature

Because wash wall light is usually used in outdoor more, so this parameter is more important, the temperature requirements are relatively high, the general situation we require outdoor temperature in -40℃+60℃ can work. But the wall-washing lamp is made of aluminum casing with good heat dissipation, so the general wall-washing lamp can meet the requirements.
3.LED Lamp Bead Number

Universal Wall Washer led number of 9/300mm,18/600mm,27/900mm,36/1000mm,36/1200mm.

4. Protection level

This is an important parameter of the wall washer, but also affects the quality of the current guardrail tube important indicators, we have to carry out strict requirements, we use in the outdoors, the requirements of waterproof grade in IP65 above is the best. Also required to have the relevant pressure, crushing, high and low temperature, flame resistance, impact aging level ip65,6 represent complete prevention of dust entry; 5: Rinse with water without any harm.

5. Control mode

For LED wall washer, there are two kinds of control methods: inner and outer control. Internal control is the use of external controllers, designers of the system design in the wall lamp, the degree of effect can not be changed. External control is an external controller, the effect can be adjusted by the main control button and change the effect. Usually in large projects, customer requirements can change their own effect, we are the external control of this scheme. There are also a lot of wall wash directly support DMX512 control system.

6. Color specifications

2 paragraphs, 6 paragraphs, 4 paragraphs, 8 paragraph full-color color, color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors

7. Luminous angle

Its luminous angle is generally narrow (20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees), wide (120 degrees or so) three, at present, high-power led wash wall lights (narrow angle) the farthest effective projection distance of 20-50 meters

8. Mirror

Glass reflective lens, light transmittance is 98-98%, not easy atomization, can resist UV radiation

9. Light source

The general use of 1w,3wled as a light source, but because the technology is immature, the current market using 1W is more common, because of 3W calorific value, delete hot do not light decay relatively fast. The parameters above are selected in ourLED High power washer wall lampThe time must consider the parameters, in order to second distribution led tube emits light to reduce the light loss, so that the illumination is better, wash wall lamp each LED tube will be made of PMMA with a high light effect lens.

Second, LED washing wall lamp working principle

LED washing wall lamps due to the larger volume, heat dissipation is relatively good, so in the design also greatly reduced the difficulty, but in the actual application, will also appear constant current drive is not too good, there are a lot of damage, so how to make the wall wash better operation, focus on control and drive, control and drive, Let's learn it together.

1.LED Constant Current Converter

Related to high-power LED products, we will lift to the constant current drive, what is called LED constant current drive? Regardless of the size of the load changes, led current to maintain the same circuit is called LED constant-current drive. If the wash wall lamp inside use is 1W led, we are usually 350MA LED constant current drive, with LED constant current drive is to improve led life and light decay. The choice of constant current source is good or bad according to its efficiency and stability, I choose the high efficiency constant current source as far as possible, this can reduce the energy loss and the temperature.

Application of 2.led Wall washer Lamp

Now let's analyze the main applications and achievable effects of the wall-washing lamp. LED wall washer through the built-in microchip control, in small engineering applications, can be used without controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color flicker, random flashing, gradient alternating dynamic effects, but also through the control of DMX, to achieve the chase, Scanning and other effects.

3. Application Sites

Application sites: Single buildings, historical buildings, external wall lighting. The building inside the light outside the illumination, indoor partial illumination. Green Landscape Lighting

LED washing wall lights billboard lighting. Medical, cultural and other specialized facilities lighting. Bar, ballroom and other entertainment atmosphere lighting

4.LED Washing Wall lamp trend

In recent years, LED wash wall lamp has been widely used in various places, such as the company's corporate building wall lighting, the lighting of government buildings, the wall lighting of historical buildings, entertainment and so on, the scope of the involved is more and more wide, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting, is the level of improvement and development, With the increasing progress of the times, now Foshan Viric Technology Co., Ltd. LED wash wall lights have been poured into various areas of the lighting project, in the next few years, LED wash wall lights will be developed into a lighting project an indispensable part.