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LED Light Belt
LED High Voltage lamp belt
LED High Voltage lamp belt

Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to provide customers with LED high pressure lamp with manufacturers, suppliers, direct sales, which home good, price, engineering, wholesale, products are sold to Guangdong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dongguan, Zhejiang and other regions.

LED High Voltage light belt is to refer toLED Light BeltThe special processing technology is used to weld the copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connect the power supply to emit light, which is named after the shape as a light band.

LED light belt has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, automobiles, ponds, underwater, advertising, signboards, signs and other fields, used for decoration or lighting, to all kinds of festive activities, such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, National day and so on add to the endless joy and festive atmosphere, It has entered the strong vitality of advertising, decoration, construction, business, gift five advantages of the market, and exported to Japan, the European Union, Australia and other countries and regions. It is widely used in body building, bridges, guardrail, hotels, grove, dance halls, advertising decoration places and so on.

Applicable range LED light strips, LED light strips have been widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries.

Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. main business: LED light belt,High power wall Washer lampSoft Wash Wall Lamp, LED high voltage lamp belt, etc., if you need please contact us! We will serve you wholeheartedly!

If you are interested in our products or have any problems, welcome to this inquiry. We will give a reply within 24 hours!

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